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McLinn Land Services, LLC was founded as a full service land company in 1997.   

The Company has consistently maintained a staff of highly experienced sub-contracting landmen since inception, allowing us to provide exceptional service that is customized to the client’s needs.  Managing our growth has enabled us to maintain an efficient and cost effective level of service with immediate response to critical timelines.

  • We maintain a highly experienced land staff
  • We utilize the latest technology
  • We believe in constant communication and transparency with our clients
  • We have a highly efficient, streamlined structure in place
  • We quickly scale to fit the needs of any project, small or large
  • We recognize the importance of both deadlines, and budget and how to accomplish both for our clientele
Founder and Managing Member

Bruce L. McLinn has provided contract land services for 35 years, initially as founder and manager of PHI Resources, Ltd. from 1981 through 1997,  and then as Managing Member of McLinn Land Services, LLC from 1997 to present.   Member of OCAPL, TAPL, and AAPL.   Graduate of University of Oklahoma College of Business Administration in 1978.

Land Manager

Kyle E. McLinn has been working in the land services business for over 10 years,  initially as an independent landman from 2006 to 2010,  and then as an In-house landman with McLinn Land Services,  LLC from 2011 through present.   Member of OCAPL, TAPL, AAPL.   Kyle oversees the operations of McLinn Land Services,  LLC including the management of the contract land staff and is the direct contact for McLinn’s clientele.